Canadians for Choice works to ensure that policy-makers and health and education practitioners are well educated and informed about all aspects of sexual and reproductive health and rights. We also aim to enhance the quality and comprehensiveness of research and information on current and emerging sexual and reproductive health issues.

At Canadians for Choice, we both conduct research on sexual and reproductive health and rights, and support other researchers in undertaking relevant research. The research that we support aims to increase access to sexual and reproductive health services and to ensure that all Canadian can equally exercise their reproductive rights. We are currently conducting research on the quality of access to abortion in Canadian hospitals. This research will allow us to determine how many hospitals provide abortion services in the country and to highlight the main barriers faced by women when accessing abortion services.

The summary of the research results will be made public in a Newsmakers breakfast. This annual event, also held to commemorate the anniversary of the Morgentaler decision, provides the public and the media with an update on hospital and clinic abortion services, access to medicalized abortion, training of providers, emergency contraception and other important sexual and reproductive health services that form the foundation of a comprehensive view on choice in Canada.

We also conduct research on a variety of topics surrounding sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Canadians for Choice supports research by offering a variety of scholarships to students who wish to pursue their studies in a field related to sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Information sharing
Canadians for Choice aims to be a credible and comprehensive resource center on sexual and reproductive health and rights. Through this website, we aim to share relevant, accurate and up to date information on sexual and reproductive health and rights throughout the country and the globe.

We also collaborate with Action Canada for Population and Development in creating a quarterly magazine entitled Right On. This publication provides information on different aspects of sexual and reproductive health and rights. Link to Right On

Speakers Bureau
CFC members, volunteers and staff are available to give presentations in conferences, classes or in any other events where you might require an expert to talk on issues surrounding reproductive choice. We can offer presentations or workshops on a variety of topics touching sexual and reproductive health in Canada and abroad. Topics can include:
  • Abortion access and services in Canada and abroad
  • Sexual and reproductive health and rights in Canada and abroad
  • Women’s rights
  • Gender issues
  • Contraception and family planning
  • Etc.
Contact us at or at 613-789-9958 ext. 225 for more information.

Information and Referral Line
Canadians for Choice maintains and constantly updates its database of abortion providers to ensure that we can properly refer people who are seeking abortion services. We also refer women and men to counseling services, to adoption services or to support centers for women who decide to carry an unintended pregnancy to term. We can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-888-642-2725.

Training of Medical Doctors
Canadians for Choice is looking to work with partner organizations in order to facilitate the training of medical doctors on topics related to abortion, contraception and family planning. We are also working with doctors and other healthcare providers so that they know where to refer their patients who wish to access necessary sexual and reproductive health services.

First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Committee
At Canadians for Choice, we recognize the historic effects of power and privilege that have marginalized the First Nations, Inuit, and Métis people from asserting their full and rightful positions in the areas of reproductive and sexual health. We believe it is our responsibility to make an active and conscious effort to include Aboriginal people in all of our work and respectfully maintain an allied relationship.

We know that many groups have taken claim on the teachings that Indigenous people around the world started. We are interested in working in partnership with Aboriginal communities across Canada to learn and understand traditional concepts, views, and current realities of reproductive and sexual health.

To find out more information or become involved with the committee, please contact the Chair, Jessica Yee at

CFC Annual Reports
To learn more about our work, please take a look at our annual reports: